Building my first shop

Normally, I sell my stuff on the marketplace. Now for the first time, I’m trying to develop an in-world shop. No, it will not be a big mall, or a Walmart store, just a small place with my stuff.
I did some big design choices.
First choice to do: mainland, island, or skybox? I’m owner of a good land, located in the wrong place. My land is 3024 mq, but is located in an area with high traffic. When I bought it, I was more ingenuous than now, so I seen a good price, and bought it, without any regarding for the location. The result is the constant presence of some lag. However, making some experimental measurements, I noticed this lag disappear if I move high. So my solution is: a skybox at 2000m over my land, and I have enough available prims 😉
Second choice: how much big? I’m not a big seller, and my stuff list is in 7 web pages in the marketplace, not in some hundreds. So I don’t need a wide area. My choice was about a 30 x 30 m platform in the sky.
Third choice: a pre built building? Bought from the marketplace? There are good architects in SL, with good prices for good commercial structures, but SL is first of all a challenge for me, so it’s not a problem if my shop will be poor and not like a professional architecture product, but I prefere build it with my hands! So, it’s time for closing SL and opening Blender on my computer. My sky platform is 30×30, so I built a 30×30 parallelepiped with 10m of height, with pillars (I want follow architecture guides form RL), and in just 15 minutes my mesh shop building is ready. Yes, it’s mesh, so importing it in SL and adding physics gave me a good building with a Land Impact of just… 2! (this is very good for me, because I have a good prim number, but they are never enough…)
Forth choice: how to decorate it? It’s in the sky, so I decided for some warm colors: a wooden floor, equals to the roof. Three side in semi transparent glass, the 4th side solid and covered with a repetition of my market brand.
Fifth choice: the vendor system. For sure I’m not an expert, normally I sell on the SL marketplace… I spent some days googling about some solutions, benchmarking, and reading how-tos. At the end of my searching phase I chose the Casper Vending System, it’s simple to use, and the scripting inside SL is light, so I can try to keep lag down.
Ok, now all ingredients are ready, I need just implement it.
For now, it’s almost empty, so… it’s still a work in progress 😉